Your Frequently Asked Questions…

We have tried to capture as many of the most commonly asked questions about our product, however if you cannot find the answer to a question that you have, please e-mail us at and one of the team will try to come back to you as quickly as possible!

Why are BodyShotz different to other supplements on the market?

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Firstly, BodyShotz are water soluble for faster absorption into the body Vs. taking a tablet or a capsule.

We’ve also formulated each BodyShotz sachet to provide the optimum dosage of each ingredient to deliver the intended benefits.

On the subject of ingredients…

The number of supplements available to help with conditions such as joint pain, muscle pain and degenerative joint conditions is abundant. However, all of the supplements that you’ll find either online or in supermarkets / health shops contain just one, two or perhaps three of the active ingredients that you’ll find in BodyShotz. To get all of the ingredients found in BodyShotz, in the correct doses, you’d have to purchase four or five different products from other supplement retailers.

Also, the ingredient that’s in highest quantity in other supplements is usually bulking ingredients / agents. BodyShotz contain absolutely no bulking ingredients whatsoever!

Plus, they taste GREAT!

What makes BodyShotz cost effective verses other supplements?

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As mentioned above, in order to get ALL of the active ingredients found in BodyShotz, you’d have to purchase at least four or five different supplements, costing around £70* for one month course! (*correct at time of publishing).

We’ve made it our mission to deliver an affordable supplement to the market… that actually WORKS!

How long do I need to, or can I, take BodyShotz for?

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There is no maximum limit to the length of time you can take BodyShotz.

Some of the ingredients in BodyShotz will start to work within the body immediately. Other ingredients, such as Glucosamine, Chondroitin and Collagen, need to be taken for at least 2 months for the benefits to be recognised.

How often do I need to take BodyShotz?

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You only need to take one BodyShotz sachet per day. Each BodyShotz sachet has been specially formulated to provide the correct dosage for optimum results.

Can I take BodyShotz if I am...

Pregnant, breastfeeding, on medication and / or am under medical attention for an illness or health condition?

We would always recommend that you speak with your GP, hospital consultant, Midwife, Health Visitor, dietitian or other medical professional prior to taking any new foods or supplements.

How many BodyShotz are in each box?

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That all depends on which box you purchase! Our 14 day sample pack has 14 sachets of BodyShotz in each box and our 1 month pack has 30 sachets of BodyShotz in each box. 

Are any other flavours available?

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At present, there is one flavour of BodyShotz available (Orange), however having other flavours available is something that we are working on for the future.