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Great for walking aches and soreness  

My wife and I are keen walkers and at 70 and 68 respectively we do suffer from aches and pains. We were recommended BodyShotz by our neighbour and it is very good. It stops the sore joints and general aching and means we can keep doing what we love. Thank you.

Bernard Smith    5th March 2022   Bude   
great thing for knee pain  

great for knee pain
had this for three months and nearly pain free. its really good

Tony Paggett    10th February 2022   Lincolnshire   

I have been taking bodyshotz every day for the last 12 months so feel quite justified in my comments now. I have suffered with arthritis for a number of years and it was gradually getting worse to the point i was continuously taking pain killers just to get through a day. I saw an advert for bodyshotz and i decided to try them but to be honest i wasnt really expecting them to work it was more out of desparation. After my first month I felt a slight improvement in my pain level and my ability to move around, but I wasn't really sure if it was the bodyshotz. I decided to keep going for another month and in the second month this is when i really noticed the improvement. I had cut the number of painkillers i was taking in half which also alleviated tummy problems that they were causing. As i type this today I hand on heart very rarely take any painkillers for my painful joints. This really is such an amazing product and I have got 2 of my friends on them who also rave about them. It isn't the cheapest thing out there but I do believe you get what you pay for and or me it is a small price to pay to feel as good as I do today. Thank you so much xx

Pamela Woods    10th January 2022   Epsom   
A little epensive but definitely works  

It is expensive but it does work and so I don't really mind spending money on something that does the job. Arthritic joints and this has made a difference 100%

G.Holman    6th December 2021   Southend-on-sea   

A friend bought me a box for my birthday BEST present ever thanks JC x

Toni Portifer    25th November 2021   Danbury   
Very good but a bit expensive  

It is very very good but it is quite expensive but then i suppose you do pay for quality.

Jon Baggley    16th November 2021   London   
Took a while but worth the wait  

I have arthritic knees and I have been taking bodyshotz for 3 months now and i highly recommend them. They did take about a month to start working on me but now I really couldnt be without them. It does seem like they are expensive but the value is great and i justify them by thinking they are nearly the same as a newspaper.

Andrea Postlethwaite    15th October 2021   Reigate   
Me and my husband take these  

I started taking these a month ago and they have really made a difference to my knee pain arthritis. My husband started taking them as well 2 weeks ago and already is seeing an improvement in his ankles gout. Recommend BodyShotz.

Tracey and Peter Nash    22nd September 2021   Spalding   
Brilliant customer service  

Had a delivery issue during COVID and my order went missing, customer service was amazing they sent a new box out which got to me the next day. The person who helped was so helpful and sent me lots of communications. The product works too!

Joanna Billet    4th September 2021   Acton   
This works  

This product works. Simples!

Greg Fordham    22nd August 2021   London   
Execellwnt product for back pain  

I have suffered with lower back pain for years, and saw this advertised on Facebook . Was really dubious at first as I’ve been conned so many times before with products promising the earth and delivering nothing. But I can honestly say that this has changed my life. Ok it does take a while to start working, they say up to 2 months but for me it was about 5 weeks,. I did start to notice gradual improvements before then but I’m honestly now in the least amount of pain for years. I’ve now got my sister on them as she suffers with arthritis and she is raving about them too. Thank you so mich

Dawn Sullivan    3rd August 2021   March   
Terrific for pain relief  

Very effective it has worked on my arthritis and I no longer take painkillers every day. Been taking for 2 months.

Christopher Wallis    21st July 2021   Hainault   

Best money I have ever spent on myself. It really works unlike the creams and other gimmicks. I’m never going to stop taking this! Thank you x

Maggie Tindling    15th July 2021   Finsbury Park   
Fantastic product but if you stop taking they stop working  

This really is a superb supplement that really does work, but I suppose like anything if you stop taking it, it gradually does stop working, so be prepared that it is a long term thing. That aside, after taking this for 2 months I was pretty much pain free in my knees after suffering for years... this honestly does work wonders. I took BodyShotz for 5 months, then made the mistake of stopping for 2 months and my pains gradually came back to same as before. I've just returned to start taking them again.

Michael Downs    2nd July 2021   Twickenham   
Very good for back pain  

I take this for lower back pain and since I have been taking it 5 months ago my back pain is much improved where I can now do most of my daily activites without problems.

Joan Davidson    9th June 2021   Gillingham   

Highly recommend BodyShotz they really work on joint pain. Help me lots and taste really good.

Beverley Keeler    18th May 2021   London   
Best supplement ive tried  

this is the best supplement ive tried for joints. Bit wary at first on whether it would help me as they all claim to be good but dont do anything but honestly this has made my pain go down so much and i take nowhere near the amount of pills i used to which has got to be a good thing. definately recommend this

Gary Baxter    15th April 2021   Salford   
Excellent product  

Used this for 3 months and wouldn't be without it now. Has reduced my knee pain so much and walking is not a struggle for me. Thank you guys.

David Pate    11th March 2021  
5 STARS from me  

5 stars for this product. I can't believe how much this has helped me with knee pain, that I've had for at least 5 years. Diagnosed with arthritis, and in tears almost daily. This has helped beyond words. I can't recommend this highly enough!

Patricia Mead    22nd February 2021   Runcorn   
Excellent supplement  

Excellent product, I will continue to use. Very effective.

Ollie Thomas    10th February 2021   Witney   
Very effective for my arthritis  

Very pleased

Mrs. James    24th January 2021   Chichester   
Extremely good product  

I am very pleased with this product. It has helped me a lot. Much less pain in my legs since having these for the last 2 months. Thank you.

Margaret Finch    14th December 2020   Rochford   
This has helped me so much  

First thing I've found that actually helps and make my pain better. So glad I found this.

P. L. Thomas    11th November 2020   Barnstaple   
Great Priduct  

I've been suffering with knee pain for a few months. This has seriously curtailed my walking hobby.
There's little help available in the NHS currently so I started with Body Shotz one month ago, and already the pain in my knees has subsided considerably.
I am very pleased with progress so far and have just received another two months supply. I'll continue to take it and thoroughly recommend it to anyone suffering joint pain.

Colin Head    31st October 2020   Doncaster   
Of pain tablets now....Great!  

I am a man 77 next birthday, waiting on right knee replacement. Had to stop working out because of the pain in my knee and elsewhere (direct cause of the right knee)...Now back doing my workout daily and the pain has eased considerably thanks to bodyshotz....Been taking for six weeks or so and find improvement everyday. Will continue taking and happy to be off pharmaceutical products.

Tom Lambert    29th October 2020   Lurgan N. Ireland   
It's very good  

After 2 weeks I started to feel better
It's worth it cause its working

Norbert    28th October 2020   Sheffield   
50% less pain  

It is nice taking bodyshotz the pain I have been having in my ankles knee and back have got better by 50%. I am not taking pain killers now.

Melanie Bevan    28th October 2020   South Wales   
Good product  

Good product for me. Got my dad onto it to and he's happy with the affects.

Dean R    6th October 2020   Romford   

So impressed by BodyShotz. I feel fantastic after 7 weeks on them. Top marks!

Becca Fallows    18th September 2020   Sudbury   
Seen improvements  

Have seen improvements in the first month

Kathy    8th September 2020   Carlisle   
Amazing product  

Cant believe just how good this is. Recommend it if you have joint pain. This has helped me so much and have only been taking it for 3 weeks.

Emma P    2nd September 2020   Brentwood   

BodyShots are incredible, they have worked like a dream on my injured shoulder, but I'd just like more flavours to choose from please.

Penny Morris    26th August 2020   Horsham   
good for joint pain  

I have been taking 1 bodyshot a day for the last 3 months and this is the best I have felt in many years. I am 57 and suffered with pain in my knees and ankles due to arthritis. It started to help my pain after a month of having this. Maureen x

Maureen Cannon    17th August 2020   Chelmsford, Essex   

This has helped me. Has been great for my knee and back pain. Highly recommend.

Marion    10th August 2020   Petersfield   

Bodyshotz has really helped me so much. I have suffered terribly with arthritis and it impacted my life in so many different ways. I was struggling to get up the stairs and wasn't able to play with my daughter or do simple things like take her to the park. I've been taking this for 3 months and the change it has made is unbelievable. My pain hasnt completely gone but i can actually function with the normal things in life now. its all manageable. Thank you so much!

Beth    5th August 2020   Leamington Spa   
Top Quality  

Top quality product that has helped me. Honestly didn't think it would work like it has. Please bring out some other flavours though so I can change it from time to time.

Simon    25th July 2020   Keynsham   
Pricey but it works  

It is a little on the pricey side but it definitely works. It is cheaper to buy the bigger packs if you can. It has really worked for me where nothing else has so the price has almost become irrelevant to me to be honest. I have arthritis and am also waiting for an operation on my knee and this has been invaluable because its the only thing that has given me any sort of peace.

Stephanie Baines    19th July 2020   Guildford   
Love bodyshotz  

Love bodyshotz, they work so well. I have been having these for 3 months now and I am not suffering as much as I was before I started taking them. The change is amazing. Thank you so much.

Carla    12th July 2020   Bedford   
Really good product  

Recommend this to all who has any painful joints. It has worked for me. Really good for me.

Derek Fairburn    6th July 2020   Saltash   
Worth it  

Me and my husband are totally convinced that this has helped our arthritis. We have been taking these for 2 months now and the difference is quite frankly unbelievable. After a week , we thought we'd wasted our money. But then after 2 or 3 weeks we noticed a definite difference. Then after a month, we couldnt actually believe how much our pain had gone down. We were both in a lot of pain before. Now we're actually able to move. Thank you so much xx

Joan Stock    1st July 2020   Aveley   
Really impressed  

Really impressed with this product. I bought it after seeing some things on Facebook. Been in total agony with my knees so I would have tried anything to be honest. But it has helped me so much. Athritis is no fun at all. This has changed my days!

John Whayland    16th June 2020   Peterborough   
Looking good so far  

I'm currently half way through my second month, I have arthritis and need 2 knee replacements and have a extremely painful hip, taking this helping me to get moving again as I start out of a fitness regime to shift some blubber, a few more months and I should start to see even better results. Delivery is always very quick.

Teresa    2nd June 2020   Stoke on Trent   
Great product and great service  

Ive bought 3 times from these now. My orders always arrive within 2 or 3 days. This is the best ive found and have tried many others. Really helps keep my aches and pains at bay.

Denise    21st May 2020   Harlow   
Great service and great supplement  

Waited a while to give my thoughts on these. Have ordered from this company 3 times now and my order has always arrived within 4 days which i think is great. I think this is the best supplement for joints out there right now. My whole body feels so much better. I have less aches in my joints in general and i feel like i have more energy than before.

Darren Clarke    13th May 2020   Rugby   
So Good  

Best thing for joints

Ive tried so many different things and nothing has worked. But this really does.

My knees, my wrists, and neck all feel so much better.

Take the leap!

Gina Harris    3rd May 2020   Cardiff   
A runners dream  

Heard about these on Instagram.

I run 3/4 times a week and my knees and ankles have been giving me jip for the last year. Ive been having one of these sachets every day for the last two months and the difference is just mad

My running feels easier and honestly my knees are 100 times better.

Get on it!

Scott S.    30th April 2020   Aberdeen   
Great supplement  

This is the best supplement I have found by a mile

Love the taste and it's so convenient to add to my water bottle when I run

My joints feel free and much looser and I am so much less sore after running.

Great find

Perry Bell    24th April 2020   Birmingham   
Fab service guys!  

Great service. Arrived within 2 days. Not started taking them yet, so I'll have to let you know how I get on

Terri-Ann Baker    15th April 2020   Peterborough   
Good service & good product  

They were delivered quickly and they are working for me.

Mark    8th April 2020   Bradford   
Great service  

Great service! Ordered on a monday and they arrived in the post wednesday. Can't give any feedback on whether these work yet as I've only just got them, but I will come back and give my feedback on that. Fingers crossed!

Michelle Sullivan    7th April 2020   Tadcaster   
Pricey but good  

I don't have much money so this is an expensive luxury for me but it does reallywork.

Mrs D. Payne    2nd April 2020   St. Albans   

These are fantastic. They have worked so well for me and my arthritis. Highly recommend!

Geraldine Cooper    27th March 2020   Driffield   
Good Product  

Takes a while to work feeling great now though

Terry Davis    9th March 2020   Ipswich   

Great Product for me

Tony    2nd March 2020   Faulkbourne   
It is expensive, but it works  

I’m not rolling in money so this is quite an expensive thing for me to spend money on, but as the saying goes you get what you pay for. Thrown so much money away chasing after something to help my knees. This is honestly the only thing I’ve found that really helps. Almost pain free now which is an out and put blessing xx

Sylvia Smith    29th February 2020   Aylesbury   
Good Stuff  

At last an all in one sup the works

The Witch Doctor    27th February 2020   Warwick   
Great Product  

Everything all in one

Tom Bradford    23rd February 2020   Hove   
Highly Recommend  

For once a product that actually does what it says. Really working for my ankles. Not much else to say to be honest!

Graham Smith    18th February 2020   Romford   

I mix it with my unflavoured protein powder and almond milk you cant get much better than that

Brian Steers    17th February 2020   Wisbech   
Love it  

These are great. Definitely the best thing I found last year. 3 months of body shotz and I just feel so much better. Just wish they came in something a bit better to store them in.

Dawn B    13th February 2020   Woking   
The best I’ve found  

Definitely the best supplement I’ve managed to find. It’s definitely changed how I feel during and after training and the added vits are a big bonus. Well done guys!

Sarah Bixby    9th February 2020   London   
A bit pricey but 100% worth it  

I came across this product on Facebook and I have to admit the price put me off for a while. I suffer with arthritis pretty much everywhere and aside from being debilitating from a mobility sense, it also really affected me mentally and emotionally. I really got to the end of my tether with the constant pain and swelling. I kept seeing posts about BodyShotz and the really great reviews and after um-ming and ah-ing for a while decided to go for it. Honestly the best decision I’ve made for a long, long time. The swelling in my hands, feet, ankles and knees has reduced so much and I am in much less pain than I have ever been. I can’t stress enough, this isn’t a take one and it works immediately product. You do have to take this for at least a month for it to start taking effect. But I did my own research on the ingredients along with the information the website gives, and this seems to be very normal for how the ingredients affect your body. If you are suffering then you MUST at least give this product a try. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT.

Mrs Diane Keating    6th February 2020   Gosforth   
Excellent service  

Order product and was delivered the following day, with no delivery cost. Excellent service.

Alf Buckland    6th February 2020   Dundee   
A must for runners  

I run several times a week (5/10k at a time) and am also a marathon runner (2/3 times a year).

Painful joints (knees / ankles) commonly take a battering from the sport, and as I've hit my forties, I've struggled much more.

I found out about BodyShotz by chance (a running friend has seen something on Facebook), and after careful reading and a chat with my GP, I decided to give them a try. I have been having a BodyShotz sachet in my running bottle for 3 months now and on the days I don't run I have it with my breakfast. The difference is quite phenomenal. It's really hard to explain, but my joints actually feel looser, I feel like my runs have improved, the joint soreness I usually experience after my runs has subsided and my muscle soreness has lessened. If you run, run off and buy some of this! Dave

Dave Mundy    5th February 2020   Bridlington   
Great Product  

Easy way of taking joint therapy. Pleasant tasting ... Have a fracture that won’t heal so hoping that taking this will help.

Timmy    4th February 2020   Manchester   
Good Product  

Great products. The only downside is the price. A bit on the expensive side. Hence the four stars. But I guess that’s what you pay for quality.

Veronica Glover    2nd February 2020   East Kilbride   
All good  

For me it was an amazing help. I have progress faster from my knee injury.

Dan the man    21st January 2020   Dagenham   
Great Product  

Since taking BodyShotz a month ago pain in my knee is almost gone and my joints are much more flexible

Barbara    18th January 2020   Windsor   

Great way to get all i need in one supplement

Arthur Matthews    17th January 2020   Lincoln   
Great product, just wish there were more flavours  

I think these are fab. I'm in my late 40s and decided to look for something that would give me a boost. They have made my hair so much thicker and my skin is looking and feeling great. I also seem to have much more energy than I did before. My only negative comment is I don't really like orange drinks, so I wish there were more flavours available? Any more coming soon?

Karen    14th January 2020   Loughton   
Don’t like the flavour of this  

I’m sorry but the flavour is not for me.

I did finish my week box that I bought to try, and nothing really changed for me, but I guess that’s cos I only took it for a week.

Debbie G.    10th January 2020   Warrington   

A wonderful alternative to traditional anti inflammatories,
works great and keeping me working I highly recommend this product

Emma Harper    7th January 2020   Tempsford   

I was taking 8 different tablets a day this has so much more and all in a drink we chuffed

Tommy Debden    6th January 2020   Peckham   
Slow to work  

It took 3 mounths to feel any difference

Danny    5th January 2020   Braintree   
Like the drink idea  

Too early to say yet, no noticeable improvement but happy to wait for a few more weeks

Brian Short    4th January 2020   Bristol   

Bodyshotzz better kneezz

Pete z    3rd January 2020   Dagenham   

Notice a huge difference -really good product wouldn’t be without it

Toni Kidd    3rd January 2020   Newport   
Nothing much has changed  

I have been taking these for around 3 weeks, and at the moment nothing much has happened and I don't really feel any improvements. It does say that you need to be taking the product for at least 2 months for anything to start working, so I am going to keep going with them for another month or so to see if anything starts to work - fingers crossed as I need some help and I've heard such good things about these.

Tabatha Phillips    22nd December 2019   Islington, London   

Nothing happened at first then my hip felt much better very pleased

Phil James    16th December 2019   Ipswich   

Much less pain

Terry d    10th December 2019   Rainham   
My pain levels have decreased significantly  

I have suffered with an injured shoulder and ankle for some time, however following hip replacement surgery I turned to BodyShotz to help with my recovery. It really has made such a difference not only to my hip but also to my old injuries. I am 72 years old and a 2nd Dan in karate and my movement is much freer and my pain levels have decreased significantly.

Ray    5th December 2019   Chelmsford   

I have been consuming for 4 months, it really works wonders. Before that I was not able to bend my right leg climbing stairs is real torture, Now I can bend it and no more pain on stairs.The taste is not bad to.

Neil Brogan    3rd December 2019   Manchester   
More mobile than I have ever been  

I have severe arthritis in my knees and ankles and I’ve tried lots of different things to help with the pain but nothing has ever worked apart from BodyShotz. Have been taking them for about 3 months and I am more mobile than I have ever been and my pain finally seems to be under some sort of control.

Hi Chris,

Glad to hear BodyShotz is improving things for you.

Chris    12th November 2019   Romford   

Tried the course now for three months and believe it is working well for my osteroarthritis.
Still have a little pain but nothing compared to how it was before.

Ian C    21st October 2019   Inverness   
Great Product  

I have struggled with my skin for a while now, and bodyshotz not only seemed to help clear it up a little but I have also noticed strengthening of my hair, skin and nails. It has just made me feel a lot better in my own skin, and given me that little boost of energy I needed!

lily smith    22nd September 2019   Colchester   
Thank you  

Service has been wonderful.

Lacie    5th September 2019   Kidderminster   
Highly recommended  

I think BodyShotz are great my joints seem better every day running in the mornings are much more fun x

Toni Bilko    11th August 2019   surrey   
come next day  

come next day

Zita    3rd July 2019   Laindon   
A bit expensive but really works good  

It is a bit expensive because you have to keep taking it to keep the benefits but it does definitely do what it says on the tin. I've had these now for 8 weeks and the relief from arthritis has been outstanding. It's the only thing I've found that has actually worked.

Claire McInnes    26th February 2022   Aberdeen   
What a fantastic product thank you xx  

This is a fantastic product that actually works for me unlike so many other things I have tried. Would not be without these now. Almost pain free in my knees. Thank you bodyshotz!!

Shirley F.    20th January 2022   Braintree   
Absolutely brilliant  

I was sure this was just going to be another 'says one thing, does nothing' thing but this is actually brilliant. I have suffered with lower back pain for at least 2 years and after 3 months of having this every day i am nearly off of painkillers. it really is fantastic.

Debbie R    15th December 2021   Essex   

I have to say I was very sceptical at first, another gimmick promising you the world, however it actually does work! I started with the two week pack and noticed a difference, so have just signed up to the monthly subscription. I am currently going through menopause amd my knees were painful, I had a sharp pain in my left knee which I couldn't kneel on, but now I would say they are about 60% better, sharp pain gone and not as painful getting up. Not fussed on the taste but I mix it onto smoothies and it's great with hot chocolate! Would definitely recommend, not cheap I know but having less pain is worth the money.

Sara Allen    29th November 2021   Lincolnshire   

Great product but expensive

steve Allen    22nd November 2021   West Mersea   

Was having trouble with pain in my knees but since I started using Bodyshotz a couple of months ago this has reduced massively.

Brett    12th November 2021   Halesworth   
Excellent supplement  

This is by far the most superior supplement that I've found to keep my joints healthy as a runner. This has made frequent running much more comfortable and my joints ache / hurt so much less than previously.

John Carpenter    3rd October 2021   London   
Esxpensive but worth it  

Had BodyShotz for 3 months, not cheap for me anyway, but they definately work wonders. Only thing that helps my painful shoulder.

Janet Ashton    11th September 2021   Bury   

This has helped my knee pain a lot. Have tried many things which didnt work but this has really been affective.

Patrick O'Donnell    29th August 2021   Manchester   
Hope these will work  

Have been recommended these by my neighbour who has been raving about them for ages, mine have just arrived and ive got my fingers crossed that these are going to work for me.

Mary Darling    10th August 2021   Swansea   
Very good for my husband  

My husband takes bodyshots for his arthritis and it works very well for him

Rani Ahmed    2nd August 2021   Bolton   
Extremely good for running aches  

Keen runner and this really helps my recovery and joint soreness. Recommend this.

Amit Patel    18th July 2021   East London   
Really fast delivery and free  

Ordered these after being recommended to me - really hope they work on my back as I am in agony every day. Delivery was really fast and it was free delivery Fingers crossed this works as good as I've been told.

Teresa Sterry    12th July 2021   Gravesend   
Extremely happy  

I can’t believe how much money I have wasted on so many other things in the past, wish I had found this sooner. This has worked for me after only 3 weeks even though I’ve read it might take up to 2 months. Honestly can’t believe the difference. Brilliant!

Pam O’Connor    27th June 2021   Cheshunt   
Best thing for joint pain by a mile  

So easy to take, taste really good and they have been the only thing I've found that actually work for my arthritis. Would not be without these now. Thank you.

Steven B    26th May 2021   Durham   
Super product  

This really should be on prescription because this has genuinely been the only thing that has helped me with arthritis of the knees. I have taken pill after pill, physiotherapy and more, and since taking this daily for the last 3 months my pain has subsided immeasurably. It doesn't work straight away like taking a pill, but if you keep taking it you gradually notice the difference. I think I noticed a difference after about 3 weeks. I dare not stop taking it now. So impressed and such great value for money

Mrs T. Cross    28th April 2021   Brighton   
Very good  

Very good for joint pain and aching joints Extremley pleased

Shirley Baggley    23rd March 2021   Ripon   
Highly recommend this product  

This is highly recommended. I have taken this supplement for 6 months and it works incredibly well. Virtually pain free now. Thanks.

James Wingrove    2nd March 2021   Fareham   
Best thing I've found for arthritis  

Strongly recommend it. Such a great product.

Graham Fairs    19th February 2021   Wimbledon   
Pleased with this product  

Very good feel much better than before it is helpful with the pain in the hips and knees thanks

Del Pritchard    3rd February 2021   South Woodham Ferrers   
Very pleased with the results  

Not usually one to leave a review, but very happy with how well this has worked for me. Shoulder pain has really affected my life. I have been taking one of these every day for a few months now. Hardly any pain in my shoulder now.

Steve Hutton    10th January 2021   Cold Norton   
Much less pain in my knees  

I have much less pain in my knees since I have been taking these for 2 months. Very good.

Robert White    21st November 2020   York   
Helped me so much  

Bodyshotz have helped me so much with my knees and ankles. Been having them for 2 months now and the pain is so much better already. It actually tastes quite nice which surprised me and I have it every morning. Worth the money in my opinion.

Michelle O'Dwyer    4th November 2020   London   
What a product  

I’m a 45 year old man and do half marathons every year but last year I struggled with knee pain I started using Bodyshotz in March and done my first half marathon pain free last month absolutely great it took about 2 months to start working but I would definitely recommend

Liam Mulholland    29th October 2020   Birmingham   
Just does what it says !  

Always dubious of supplements claims however, this has been really excellent. I’m pushing close to being into 40’s very soon 🙁 and painful joints has been an actual thing! Running more, training more last few years, I’ve been having joint issues and recovery issues. After 1-2 months of these, big difference for me,
for sure, loads less ( if any) joint pain, more reliable recovery too. 100% recommend, if a little pricey , for me, worth every penny.

Damo de scarfo    28th October 2020   Warwick   
Knee pain eased  

I was having trouble with pain in my knees but since I started using Bodyshotz a couple of months ago this has reduced massively. I can now run 2 or 3 times a week without having to use ice or any pain killers.

Geoff Thompson    28th October 2020   Kettering   
Best product  

Best product for me and my husband.

Carol    10th October 2020   Hainault, Essex   

This is the best thing ever. It has helped me so much. Had them for just over two months and I cant believe how much better I feel.

Jeanette    25th September 2020   London   
Very good product  

I am finding this is really good for my knees.

Pat House    14th September 2020   Kidbrook   

All good. Working well.

Ricky    7th September 2020   London   

Works wonders

David Lacey    30th August 2020   London   
Helped my injury  

I have double meniscus tears in my knee and was due to have an operation earlier this year, but due to COVID this has been postponed. Saw this on Facebook and thought I would try it as I was in so much pain I could barely walk. Have been taking these now everyday since April and I am now able to walk (even do some training).The pain isn't completely gone, but I can't tell you how much better it is. It was almost impossible to get out of my car or sit on the toilet I was in so much pain. Still waiting to hear from the hospital but I am not holding much hope - hope I dont need an op now and that this continues to work. Lets wait and see.

Alan    20th August 2020   Grays   
Working for me  

My girlfirend bought this for me. Did not think it would help as have had pain in my back for ages. But after 2 months it has helped me so much. Very impressed.

Dave T    16th August 2020   London   

Relief to find something that actually does what it says. I have tried everything to try to deal with L5/S1 problems and nothing has ever worked. Been on these for 6 weeks and the difference is remarkable. For the first time in about 3 years, I've been able to tie my own shoe laces!

Sandra    8th August 2020   Ely   

Have been taking bodyshotz for 6 months now. They are fantastic! They did take a little while to start working, about a month or so I think. But I feel so much better all over now than I did before I was taking them. My legs used to be so sore all of the time and now i experience very little pain in my knees and hips at all.

Catherine B.    2nd August 2020   Sheffield   
Very good  

Very good product.

Matt    21st July 2020   London   
Best supplement  

The best thing ive found for my shoulder without doubt. I cant be without this now. Brilliant!

Deborah D    18th July 2020   London   
An excellent supplement for joint pain  

This has helped the pain in my knees a lot. Great supplement and worth spending out on for me.

Colin Thomas    10th July 2020   Grays   
Excellent delivery service  

I ordered them 2 days ago and they arrived this morning. Amazing service when you dont pay for the delivery. Haven't tried them yet but hopefully will come back on with a positive comment on the bodyshotz themselves once ive been taking them for a few weeks. Fingers crossed the bodyshotz are as good as the service 🙂

Pam Crawford    2nd July 2020   Ashford   
Best thing for arthritis  

Tried loads of things for arthritis and nothing much has ever helped. This does. It works wonders. Takes a few weeks to kick in, but once it does, it definitely does! Customer for life now.

Colin Treynor    27th June 2020   Derby   
Love BodyShotz  

Love these - thank you so much for this. Great service and great product, Donna

Donna W    10th June 2020   Stevenage   
Top product  

Loving these. Been having them for a month or so and there working great on my legs.

Dave    27th May 2020   Oldham   
Very good product  

This is really helping me with my bad knees. Really feel the difference since taking this for the last month.

Doreen White    20th May 2020   Twickenham   
Great product  

Great product and great service

Terry D    7th May 2020   Southend   
5 STAR  

Very easy to order. No complications.

Ann    1st May 2020   Manchester   

Recommend BodyShotz.

They have worked for me.

5 Stars.

Mrs Carol Sturges    29th April 2020   London   
Working a bit  

It has worked a bit but maybe not as much as I thought it would.

Have only been taking for 3 weeks so maybe thats why.

Will wait and see and I've got a 2 month box.

Bobbi Miller    18th April 2020   Harlesden   
Helped my back  

I have pain in my lower back from a degenerative condition and have tried everything to make it better, Tens machine, anti-inflammatorys, strong painkillers prescribed, stretching routines, physio. Bought this to try and honestly didnt hold much hope, but I can honestly say it has really helped. I can move much better, its not so painful to walk or just stand up. My mobility has definitely improved. And though the pain hasnt gone, it has definitely dulled it and made it no so strong. Only thing is it does take about a month before you feel a difference,

Julie Baker    10th April 2020   London   
From a customer that is not in pain  

Having read the reviews here, I seem to be the only person who is not in pain. A friends sister recommended these to me for the list of ingredients in them. I have spent so much money on supplements to look after my joints, potions for my skin, taken oils for my hair and nails, vitamins... the list goes on. Believe me I did my research before I bought this as I didn't want to be another victim to the next gimmick. BUT, I can hand on heart say, in the 2 months I've been having these, my skin has improved and feels almost dewy, the lines around my eyes have reduced, my hair is thick and shiny, my nails grow like theyre in miracle grow, and I know I'm taking the right things now to look after my joints. Plus there's the added vitamins. The best supplement out there by a clear mile!

Laura Abbott    8th April 2020   Epsom   
Want it in Blackcurrant  

I bought this after seeing a post on facebook. I have been in agony with arthritis in my knees and ankles for a good couple of years and spent that time taking painkiller after painkiller but nothing working. Been on these for a month and a half and I have to admit it's been a wonder drug for me. The pain hasnt gone completely but it is the best it has ever been. My only gripe is im not a fan of orange drinks. Blackcurrant would be a better flavour for me.

Robert Taylor    3rd April 2020   Lewisham   
Did take time but very effective  

They don't work straight away, but they do advise this. Been taking for 6 weeks now and for the last week or so my knees have improved significantly. The pain has eased so much for the first time in years. You do have to stick with them, if you are expecting overnight results, then this isn't for you, but if you do want something that will work then give these a decent try.

Dennis Watkins    29th March 2020   Winchester   

I suffer with Osteoarthritis. Only thing I've found that works. Took a bit of time to kick in but been taking them for 2 months and they really do help. Excellent.

Margaret Hill    14th March 2020   London   
Immune Blend  

Really love this product all over body plus Immune Blend

Lee    4th March 2020   manor park   

Joints feel much better also noticed my skin is more healthy

Natalie Moss    1st March 2020   Barrow   
Slow to work  

It took 3 months to feel any improvement

Terry Pottage    29th February 2020   Hull   
love this  

Much better than all the soft drink i was drinking whilst training

James Ellsworth    24th February 2020   Canterbury   
A bit expensive but really works  

This is really helping me. I have such bad knees and this is the most relief I’ve had for a long time. It took a while to kick in (a bit a month) and is a bit expensive but for me totally worth it.

Tina Durrant    19th February 2020   Essex   
Great Product  

Me and my husband love walking but both suffer with arthritis, this drink has helped us both thank you

Fiona D    17th February 2020   Edinburgh   


TERRY    16th February 2020   ELM PARK   
Really great  

Really loving these. My friend recommended them to me after taking them for her bad knees. They are really helping my neck and lower back. Honestly noticed so much improvement. I have 4.5 stars because they are a little bit expensive but definitely worth every penny to me.

Paula Crawford    11th February 2020   London   
The flavour drops a star  

The only bad thing about this for me is the flavour.... just not for me. Other than that - it’s brilliant! More flavours please so I can add the other star! 😊

Jenny Martin    9th February 2020   Clyde   
Big mistake  

I have taken this supplement for a year but recently stopped because I felt it was out of my price range now. What a mistake that was...
A couple of months without and trying out alternative products left me in pain.
So glad I took the decision to buy again. My pain levels have improved and I feel much happier.
This is no longer a luxury item for me but a daily necessity.
I’m back for good...

Tracey Collins    6th February 2020   Trowbridge   
Didn’t make much difference to me  

Took these for a month and nothing really happened.

Darren O’Connor    6th February 2020   Ealing   
My skin and hair are amazing  

I bought this for my Mum for the pain she has in her legs, but after a month of using it Mum's hair and skin looked incredible. This was the only thing she had changed, so I bought some for myself. Have been taking this for 3 weeks and already I have noticed a big change in the condition of my hair. It was so dry before and this has really improved. Also my skin just looks and feels tighter. I'm really impressed! My mum has also commented on how she is less stiff when she gets up in the morning and going up the stairs is a lot less painful.

Lauren Williams    5th February 2020   Dunstable   
5 STAR  

Be honest, I took a risk by buying this supplement, as not much of help I've got from the other leading company products. I couldn't believe, when in few days time after starting "Bodyshotz", pain in my hips and shoulder just moved down. I watched my body's responds to this supplement and can not be more happy!!!. I'm on third month on Bodyshotz - Walking, working, and no pain killers!!! Long story short - I suggested it to my mother-in-law (who got arthritis and does't believe much in supplements). She took it to GP, got permission, and it helped her to start moving too.
Another reason I like this supplement - there is few very important vitamins and minerals. it saves lots of money from buying them separately.
I usually don't spend lots of time on reviews. But this one deserves 5 STARS

Mandy Durrell    3rd February 2020   Wisbech   
My knee has got its flexibility back  

My knee has got its flexibility back - love it

Wayne    1st February 2020   Camden   
I would recommend that you give BodyShotz a try  

I had wear and tear problems with my lower back for some time and was beginning to struggle with my karate and general fitness training due to the restricted movement and strong pain involved. I started taking BodyShotz not long ago and began to feel pain relief quite soon afterwards. Six weeks on, the pain is light and getting better all the time. I have a greater range of easier movement than I have had for ages, and I have started to become 'sharp' again in training. I am 70.
If you have any similar problems, I would recommend that you give BodyShotz a try

John Herbert    21st January 2020   Clacton, Essex   
Great Product  

I dont like taking tablets so this is great for me

Julia Ford    17th January 2020   Basingstoke   

Great product has everything you need for bone and joint health

Helen Porter    15th January 2020   Warrington   


TERRY    12th January 2020   ELM PARK   
Great value for money  

Great value for money. I was taking a couple of separate joint supplements just to maintain healthy joints, and I swapped over to BodyShotz a few months ago. Not only do I get higher doses of the ingredients I was taking, I now get added collagen, curcumin and vitamins. I don’t have any specific joint problems but since moving into my 40s, I definitely noticed a few more aches, pains and creaks! But since taking BodyShotz, I feel much more comfortable day to day, and I’ve had fewer cold weather aches this winter! A great find for me!

Anne Cleverley    8th January 2020   Sevenoaks   

Helps to reduce pain, stiffness and discomfort in my back and knees after gardening.

Fred    6th January 2020   Epping   
Worth Every Penny  

I bought these sachets for my wife and I for our arthritic joints. My wife suffers much more than I do, but my arthritis was slowly getting worse. We each have a sachet every morning with our breakfast, and I have to say they actually taste nice. When nothing really changed after taking them for 2 weeks, we were a little dubious, however we purchased a 2-month box, so that we could both try them for a month, and I’m glad we persevered. After taking these for a month we both felt so much better and our pains, while not completely gone, had ‘calmed down’ by a huge degree. We’ve now been taking these sachets for well over 2 months and we won’t be stopping any time soon. Worth every penny in our house!

Geoff    5th January 2020   Sawbridgeworth   
Speedy Delivery  

I have bought from BodyShotz twice now. Speedy delivery and the products really good.

Nigel Fairburn    5th January 2020   Pitsea   
Working great  

Been taking for almost 2 months. Really helping my knees. Have noticed massive difference in movement and pain levels.

P. Denman    3rd January 2020   Barnsley   
Good product - bigger box needed  

This is a great product and has worked really well on my legs as a runner. My only negative point is the box that it arrives in - this could be a bit bigger. Although I really like that the packaging is really discreet.

Tony Watkins    3rd January 2020   Basingstoke   
Amazing Difference  

I have arthritis in the neck, spine, shoulders, knees and ankles and to say I have lived with chronic pain for quite some time is an understatement. I have spent years taking a cocktail of pain relief medication but never really seemed to get anything under control. I have been taking BodyShotz for a couple of months now and the difference is quite frankly amazing. Plus, instead of taking so many tablets I have just one tasty drink a day. These are with me to stay now!

Patricia Davies    2nd January 2020   Leeds   

Love Bodyshotz

Tracey    17th December 2019   Chipping Ongar   
By far the best supplement I’ve found  

By far the best supplement I’ve found. I can’t believe how little soreness I have after training since I’ve been having these and my training has really seemed to improve. I used to get really sore knees especially after weight training, but this has almost gone now. Also, not related at all, but I can’t believe how much thicker my hair has been since I’ve been having these. Winner!

Emily    13th December 2019   Edinburgh   
Highly recommended  

Highly recommend this product.

Mr Brian Stokes    7th December 2019   Redhill   
All good  


Kev    5th December 2019   East Ham   

Great product.defo feel like it helps me a lot..

Spinksy    16th November 2019   Dagenham   

This is an amazing product, having suffered bad neck pain from arthritis,on the recommendation of a friend I decided out of desperation to give it a try, 8 weeks on I'm almost pain free.
However on the down side its very expensive for an OAP, not sure how long I can continue at the price.

Anne Dale    5th November 2019   Llangollen   
I found it good  

I found it good for stiff joints

Rani Ahmed    10th October 2019   Wolverhampton   
Great Product  

Where have these been all my life

Peter James    14th September 2019   Solihull   
Great. Highly recommend  

Great. Highly recommend

Karen Lawrence    5th September 2019   Soham   
Good for my wife  

It seems to be working for my wife, with a noticeable improvement in pains in her wrists, but I have not been able to see much difference. Still taking the compound every other day for supposed long term benefits.

Mr Williams    5th August 2019   Upminster